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Huguette Leboeuf


Huguette Leboeuf

Votre Assistante.ca

Areas of expertise: Communication, Translation, Project Management

Huguette Leboeuf started Votre Assistante.ca four years ago. She is a self-starter, known for her leadership and organizational skills. She has keen communication and translation skills, and is fully bilingual.

Huguette holds an undergraduate degree in translation from Université du Québec, where she is currently studying communications. She also studied financial management at H.E.C. Montreal.

She possesses more than 25 years of experience working with senior officers and Boards of Directors of public and private organizations. She actively managed three office start-ups in Montreal for major financial institutions. She was also highly involved in a Series B financing for a now important pharmaceutical company and was instrumental in the IPO of an IT provider.

Huguette is a certified member of the Fédération des secrétaires professionnelles du Québec and belongs to the Canadian Virtual Assistants Network, the International Virtual Assistants Association and the Association des travailleurs autonomes et micro-entreprises en services linguistiques. She has also received her international Ethics Check from the IVAA.

She has worked in the following industries:

  • Pharmaceutical: 4 years
  • Information Technology: 3 years
  • Retail: 7 years
  • Financial: 14 years

She is a Commissioner for Oaths for all districts within the Province of Québec.


Francoise Pazzi


Françoise Pazzi

Areas of expertise: Legal and Human Resources

Organized, honest and focused on quality of work, Françoise worked for over 17 years in law firms, 10 of which she was an independent worker. She worked as a temporary assistant to Mtres Marcel Aubut and Pierre-Marc Johnson as well as Judge André Prévost when he was with McCarthy Tétrault.

Before migrating to law firms, she worked in human resources for more than 10 years. For five of those years, she endeavoured as an independent worker. During this time, she developed expertise in organization restructuring with SMEs and special project development such as the hiring of disabled employees. The business where she worked was awarded a special recognition from the Office des personnes handicapées. Françoise is also perfectly bilingual.

She collaborates on a regular basis with Huguette Leboeuf at Votre Assistante.ca on translation projects, linguistic revision, transcription, drafting of documents and project management. Through her penchant for humanitarian causes, she also participated as a volunteer for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre and on environmental projects which she holds dear to her heart.

She has worked in the following sectors:

  • Legal: 17 years
  • Human Resources: 10 years

She is a Commissioner for Oaths for all districts within the province of Québec.


Diane Bélanger


Diane Bélanger

Areas of expertise: Sales, Customer Service, Event Organization

Diane has many years of experience in maximizing office efficiency. “Think outside the box” is her catchphrase. Diane’s unique experience and knowledge consists of administration, marketing, sales, accounting, purchasing, customer service and inventory management.

She is well-organized, detail-oriented and possesses extensive experience with the coordination of seminars, conferences, business trips and social events. Diane is gifted at setting up offices and procedures for new businesses. Her specialty is managing the flow of paperwork and procedures. Diane displays high work ethics and is an excellent team leader and team player.

Diane is a member of the Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants and the Virtual Assistant Network. She is an independent worker under the name DianeTel. She is fluent in French and English and has worked in the following industries:

• Electrical, Lighting & Distribution – 13 years
• Non-Profit Organizations – 4 years
• Construction – 3 years