Huguette Leboeuf

“It is my pleasure to recommend Mrs. Leboeuf’s work.”
Virginie Duval
Director of Communications and Web Editor
Association de l’industrie électrique du Québec

“The work we outsource to Huguette’s business “Votre Assistante.ca” requires competence, uniformity in execution and thoroughness in revision. She is a collaborator we all dream we had at least once in our professional life. I am sure she possesses the ability to increase her mandates and maintain high quality. Recommendable and recommended, for sure.”
Michelle Rivard
President and CEO

“Huguette was very knowledgeable and a hard worker. One thing I appreciated while working with her is that she was dependable and prompt. She got the job done accurately and quickly.”
Houri Ohan
Senior Manager, Government Affairs & Market Access
Teva Pharmaceuticals

“Efficient and detail-oriented, it is a pleasure to collaborate with Mrs. Leboeuf in a number of projects. I strongly recommend her for her expertise and thoroughness.”
Vicky Forget
Assistant Director, Research Centre

“There were a few occasions where I needed Huguette’s services, always during moments of crisis, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the work she did for me such as drafting, translation, data compilation on excel, etc. The tremendous experience she gained from businesses in the private sector separates her from the rest. She is business savvy which makes her a virtual assistant like no other. She surpassed my expectations by her rapid understanding of my specific needs. No elaborate explanation was necessary and the results were optimum. I recommend her services without hesitation.”
Danièle Roy
Apriori R.H.

“I recommend Huguette for her sound expertise, for work well-done within deadlines at a very competitive cost.”
Michel Villiard
President, Virages Solution
and Ombudsman at Polytechnique Montréal

“I’ve hired Huguette on several occasions to translate documents of varying complexity, often giving her short deadlines. Perfectly bilingual and very experienced, she has always performed the task on time and for a reasonable price.”
Dan Goldstein
Lawyer and Labour Relations Consultant
Plūme Inc.

“As secretary to the board Huguette’s anticipation and thoroughness was an asset to the board; working with tight deadlines, she provided quality work in a timely fashion and always with a smile. I recommend Huguette. Wish there was more than one.”
Robert Latham
Owner, Orquidea del Sur (a B&B Inn)
Former Chairman of the Board at Datacom Wireless

Françoise Pazzi

“Françoise is very organized when executing her assigned tasks. She is very comfortable with several computer programs and focused on providing high-quality work. She adequately plans her time, is very dedicated and knows how to show initiative despite somewhat tight deadlines. She proved to be of exceptional assistance. She is a person of quality that I recommend without hesitation.”
Marcel Aubut, Lawyer
BCF Business Law

“I worked during several months with Françoise and, during that period, she demonstrated a high level of professionalism as well as good team spirit. Her expertise was obvious and I was very happy with the quality of her work. I strongly recommend her.”
Nicolas Vanasse
Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary
Lumenpulse Lighting Inc.

“I worked several years in Human Resources with Françoise. She displayed strong analytical skills and an ability to quickly find solutions to the different HR challenges. She was very much appreciated by the whole team as well as our internal clients.”
Daniel Gendron
Director, Human Resources
Descair & Réal Huot Inc.

Diane Bélanger

“Diane was an administrative assistant at Franklin Empire Inc. and provided support to the executive directors and many department managers, myself included. Diane has excellent organizational skills. In addition, she is reliable and efficient. She can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. Diane was also quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of company operations, as well. I highly recommend her.”
Sylvain St-Amour
Director, Le Lab de l’éclairage
Franklin Empire Inc.

“Diane was my devoted and steadfast administrative assistant and is resourceful and capable of taking initiative. She was a valuable resource for the ABR Centre, which she helped to establish at the administrative level, showing herself capable of assuming major workloads. Her good mood and sense of dedication are enhanced by her professionalism.”
Annie Lachaud, President
ABR Center A.L. Ltd.

“Diane was here for only a short time, but she quickly grasped our business and what we needed to do to improve the efficiency of our office. She demonstrated initiative and was very organized. We will truly miss her.”
Markus Hachler
M-Tech Precision