How Does It Work?

How Does It WorkYou have decided to work with a virtual assistant but are not sure of how to proceed? There are a few rules to follow that will guarantee your success in this new business opportunity:

1. Vision
Most virtual assistants are professionals in administration, management and organization. Give her a clear view of your business objectives and she will help you achieve them. If your objectives change from time to time, let her know. Plan regular telephone calls to discuss them.

2. Trust
Trust is an important aspect of a business relationship. Your virtual assistant will be part of various activities in your business. She will have access to some confidential information. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea, it may be quite possible that doing business with a virtual assistant is not the solution for you. However, our virtual assistants will not hesitate to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with you according to your standards.

3. Control
Your best asset for success in this new relationship is your ability to delegate. Our virtual assistants are professionals and appreciate some freedom in the execution of their work.

4. Communication
Communication is absolutely vital to the success of the client/virtual assistant collaboration. Make sure your virtual assistant understands the tasks at hand. Ask questions to verify her understanding and remain available to answer any questions she may have, especially at the beginning of the relationship.

5. Respect
Just like you, your virtual assistant is a professional and an independent entrepreneur. She manages her business and her schedule. She will become a precious collaborator in the management of your business and the achievement of your objectives. With mutual appreciation and respect, your virtual assistant can become a determining factor in the success of your business. Her role is to assist you professionally.

How It Works6. Payment Method
Your virtual assistant appreciates payment of her invoices in due time. If, by exception, you are not in a position to pay her invoices in due time, please inform your virtual assistant without delay so that a new agreement can be negotiated.

7. Deadlines
As business owners, we are often faced with unforeseen circumstances and emergencies. We understand these situations! However, your trust and proactive management in communicating various projects in advance along with deadlines to your virtual assistant is appreciated and a much preferred way of doing business. She will assist you in any way possible to reduce emergency situations.

8. Recommendations
We know that as a business owner, you appreciate recommendations. Your virtual assistant will be grateful for your referrals if you are satisfied with her services.