Our Advantages

Man Relaxing Behind Stack of DocumentsTemporary employees and personnel agencies are no longer the only options for your recurring or temporary needs of administrative support. A virtual assistant may be a beneficial option for you. You save on payroll deductions, fringe benefits, vacations, sick leaves, etc.

For the last few years, outsourcing to overseas virtual assistants has become very popular. However, this presents a few challenges: no personalized involvement in your business, proximity, quality of the written language, uniformity coming from a regular virtual assistant, speed of communication, time difference, tax complications and company image associated with outsourcing rather than favouring the local workforce. Furthermore, whenever you make a transfer of funds to pay an invoice, it’s done in US dollars and can cost you up to $25 in service fees.

Located in Montréal, VotreAssistante.ca is an administration and support resource for professionals and entrepreneurs that enables you to be fully dedicated to your profession or occupation. You can benefit from the services of experienced virtual assistants ready to support you in your daily routine or projects, either regularly, occasionally or as per your needs.

A virtual assistant offers the following:

  • assistance in your day-to-day tasks
  • flexibility
  • no long-term commitments
  • no hiring process
  • no employee benefits to pay
  • reduction of operation expenses: no additional expenses for office space, computer equipment, telephone or office supplies
  • compensation only for work actually performed
  • availability according to your schedule
  • possibility to have your documents picked up at your place of business